MYQUAERAM - The APP "Neapolitan" who challenge the giants of Silicon Valley

The name is the union between MY and the Latin word that means trying Quaeram.
Companies are born with different motivations, from the desire to solve a concrete problem to want to meet a personal need, or even the fact that the idea is so innovative that it can not be abandoned. Beyond motivation, an interesting aspect is when a company was born from nothing in time gaining the attention of the world and becoming a multinational.
Some time ago I observed with interest a beautiful picture posted on facebook profile of a friend, who reported the large firms established in a garage. The fact that you can start small and build an empire is staggering. There are so many startups that began with a minimal investment but with great ideas.
No doubt we can count among these the MYQUAERAM, born about a year ago and after the development of the software and the testing phase is ready to begin to grind turnover, the launch of the platform is expected in late January 2018.
Today you go to buy something on EBAY, to call a taxi you go about UBER to find a restaurant you go on TRIPADVISOR and to search for the rest of you go on GOOGLE, well MYQUAERAM is all this and more. MYQUAERAM overturned the concept of search in the Internet, no longer you are looking on the net what you need, it is someone who has what you need to look for you.
Enters myquaeram, write what you need as if I asked a friend and after a few minutes you appear all the offers related to your request.

You're at the office and you are out of toner in the printer? , You write I NEED A TONER FOR SAMSUNG SCX4521, indicate if you want to receive by mail or if you want me to deliver a company office in your area. After a few minutes they will reach you offered, you evaluate, you can check the feedback of the proposers, you ask questions, at the end you do the order.

Want to go out on Saturday and do not know where to eat? , Select the area where you want to go and get offers from all the restaurants in that area registered to myquaeram.

But you can also find a lawyer, a plumber, an electrician, a locksmith, repair of blinds, a tire or any other professional.
It 's too long a list of services that you can ask myquaeram, everything is clear in his motto YOU ​​WANT, WHEN YOU WANT.

Even before the official launch, myquaeram received the interest of large investment groups, both Italian and foreign, want to see that is the good time that a Neapolitan company competes in a giant of Silicon Valley?